Use Coupon Apps

by: Eliot, Ty

My wife is a coupon maven.  If you are reading this, you’re maybe a coupon maven as well.  It took me a while to realize this but using coupon apps is a simple passive income idea you can use to build a reliable income stream.

Here’s the run down.  There are many coupon apps out there.  Most are legitimate and some… eh.  One time, my wife paid $1.09 for 10 bottles of Tide Simply Clean & Sensitive.  I will share that story with you later.  Before that, let’s get you up to speed with a few coupon apps.  Please take a few minutes to watch this video.

Now that you’ve had your crash course, let’s discuss a few apps.  I haven’t used these apps personally.  Fortunately for us, I have a resident expert.  Ty has been using these apps for a while and here’s her thoughts.

Ibotta – Ty’s Recap

I like the Ibotta app and I give it 5 stars, because it’s easy and user friendly. It also has a large variety of items on the list of things you can get a rebate for. It has healthy rebate options for fruits and vegetables. I usually can count on getting a 1lb of bananas for free. Most stores sell them .49 a lb, and the Ibotta rebate is usually .50 for any brand of bananas.  I have already earned the minimum pay out amount in short period of time. Get started now by visiting here.


SavingStar – Ty’s Recap

I would rate SavingStar in the middle, so about 3.5 stars. It’s not great, but it’s not bad either. The process is pretty simple for this app. You load your loyalty card number to the app and pick which items you may purchase at the store. It will take a few days for the rebate process to happen. Some stores without loyalty cards can be used but you have to submit a receipt using your smartphone camera.  The long wait is what bothers me with this app. It’s not like Ibotta, which is almost instant.  But saving money is important so I will not uninstall it just yet. Let’s see what happens with this one.


​Ty’s .10 Cent Bottle of Tide

Let me share that story now.  I’m in my room watching Netflix and my phone rings.  “Hey, It’s me.  I need your help.”  I put my phone down on the bed and walked down the steps.  Without a thought, I open the door and started walking down the stairs in front of our house.  I thought to myself, it’s cold and I should have put on a coat.  I see Ty, it was a little chilly, but I walked to the car and trunk is open.  I could not see what was waiting for me.  I started to grab bags.  Back and forth a few times from the car to the house and finally after 5 minutes we were done.

Ty asked me, “Guess how much I paid for all of the Tide?”  I thought to myself, I did bring in a lot of bottles.  I countered with, “How many bottles did you get?”  Ty said, “10 bottles for $1.09.”  I did the math.  Normally we should have paid $50 for all that Tide, but she paid $1.09.  I will have to tell you exactly she did next time.  I have to finish telling you about the coupon apps.


It’s Not Just About Defense

Coupon apps aren’t really just about defense.  Most people look at coupon apps as something that saves you money.  Try to think of it another way.  You have certain items you will have to spend money on to survive.  A few items are food, laundry detergent, and deodorant.  The second two aren’t mandatory, but you definitely use them to fit into society.

Investing a little time you can either get refund on the dollars you spent, reduce the cost of the item, or free a item buy purchasing some amount.  Regardless on how you look at it, you are either getting free items or dollars back for what you purchased.  Those dollars in your pocket can do much for you.  Investment of returned dollars is on option.

Paul Getty and Referrals

He is the creator of Getty gas.  One of my favorite quotes of his is:

“I’d rather have one percent of the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent of my own efforts.”

This is where this become a real passive income stream.  You don’t have to use the app personally to benefit from it.  You can get all of your fellow couponers or people who like to coupon, to sign up.  The rates vary from app to app.  You should give this idea a  try.  Install the app, use it, and teach another person to use it.  A good candidate is your mother or sister.  They are probably using coupon just like you or use coupons if you do not.

How Big Can You Grow This Stream?

A dedicated user can cut their grocery bill 50 to 75% using these apps.  You have to buy groceries, if you can limit the cost, you will have additional dollars to spend on other items.  With average app use during the year you can net a plane ticket for a domestic vacation.

I have seen this personally.  Remember, I’m married to a coupon maven.  Remember to come back to see how Ty picked up $50 worth of Tide for $1.09.  That’s a great story but I have to go!

Use Coupon Apps

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