I Need a Second Income Stream

The biggest question to the title of this post is, what should I do?  Am I right, or am I missing something?  I live in the United States.  If you live here, you understand that the economy is okay.  It’s currently not great or bad either.  Some feel the economy will contract and others feel it’s growing to slow.  For you however, your dollars aren’t stretching far enough for you.  Here’s some ideas on what to do to generate dollars through a secondary stream.


Ebay Reports Quarterly Earnings
SAN JOSE, CA – JANUARY 22: A sign is posted in front of the eBay headquarters on January 22, 2014 in San Jose, California. eBay Inc. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

There are many people that have quit their day jobs to do Ebay full time.  If they can do this, you can create a second income stream from it.  There’s a simple formula to be successful on Ebay.  The formula is:

  1. find items
  2. list items
  3. ship items when people buy them
  4. and repeat.

I know this seems really simple, but it is.  Would an extra $100 or $200 a month help you.  To most people, I’m sure they would consider this a reliable stream.  It costs $0 to start an Ebay business.  You don’t have to buy any merchandise.  You should start with the items you already have in your home.  Find the items you don’t use and see what the market is willing to pay for them on Ebay.  You can easily find a $20 item in your home to sell.  You can sell 10 $20 items in a month with a small amount of effort.  That’s an extra $200 dollars a month.  To give you a better idea of what sells check this video from Scavenger Life.

That’s pretty amazing.  Still seem to good to be true?  I will make it easier by coaching you; and get this.  The lessons are free.


Amazon Direct Selling

This is pretty much the Ebay income stream model but using Amazon.  The Ebay and Amazon marketplaces are extremely similar.  I’ve noticed that Amazon does very well with new items and books.

I have consistent sold well with books on Amazon.  Here’s my process.

  1. Go into any store that sells books
  2. Scan a book with the Amazon app
  3. Compare the price on Amazon versus what the book costs
  4. Buy the book if the profit is good
  5. List the book on Amazon (trust me, this is really fast)
  6. Ship the book when it sells

Amazon FBA

FBA stands for fulfilled by Amazon.  It’s Amazon Direct Selling but you get access to premium customers.  Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to cover this one just yet.

Amazon Affiliate

You can still make money on Amazon if you don’t have any products to sell.  I have a great story about my wife’s success with Amazon affiliate. You will have to check back for this information.

Reclaim Spent Dollars

I will be honest here.  This stream may not be as reliable as the others listed above. You have to spend money on certain items.  There are program that will give you money back on the items you spend.  I wrote a piece on this that scratches the surface.  You should learn about Coupon apps.  It’s a passive income stream that you should be aware of.

Wait, You Didn’t Finish

Yes, there’s some teaser content here, but first I want to say thank you.  You are reading the end of the blog post.  You should signup for the newsletter.  I will send you updates when I add more content.


I Need a Second Income Stream

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