The pros and cons of having a pallet yard near me

If you’re running a pallet haul and resell business, there are advantages and disadvantages of being close to a pallet yard. I really like pallets as an income stream. Pallets are a stepping stone to other income streams. I also view a pallet yard as a stop and not a destination. I can use a pallet yard near me to get started or spot fill requests all the time. My goal is to not depend on the pallet yard near me for too long.

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Getting Started

When you’re getting started, being close to a pallet yard helps you from a supply perspective. If I have a customer that need pallets, chances are I can fill their order at the pallet yard.

The person running the pallet yard and workers there are very knowledgable about pallets. I can ask questions and develop business contacts. Many people are willing to help when they’re asked.

If I reclaim pallet to create furniture, a pallet yard can be a cheap and easy way to fuel my work. Pallets are cheap and sometimes free. In order to get great at my furniture craft, I need practice. Building out furniture from pallet yards can help me get there quicker.

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Filling spot requests

When I don’t have pallets I need in stock, a pallet yard is a great place to fill spots. Again, I would not rely on this as my sole source of supply. I would tap the yard from time to time to protect my supply.

Let’s look at an example. I may have a big order on Monday that requires 50 pallets of the same type. I’m not going to break that set I have on hand and a possibly delay a big pay day because someone called me requesting 5 pallets over the weekend. I’m going to the pallet yard in this case. If the pallet yard can’t help me, I going to pass on the 5 pallet request.


The saying time is money is real. If I can be 5 miles versus 50 miles from a reliable supply of pallets, I will take 5 miles any day. Any pallet yard close to me should allow me to transact quicker.

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Proximity help with high volume loads. If I have to move 200 pallets and I don’t have a lot of capacity to haul making small trips is an options. If the yard is close, frequent trips as easy versus a pallet yard that is far away.



It’s very easy to fall in love with a pallet yard. I need a pallet. I go to the yard. I buy a pallet. Problem solved. I always have to keep in mind that the owner of the pallet yard is running a business. When I buy pallets at the pallet yard, I’m a customer.

My goal is to not rely on one supplier. When I achieve and maintain this, I add additional value to my customers. I’m not joined at the hip with my local pallet yard. I’m able to get additional options to my customers.

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The Middle Man

If you don’t break you dependence of a pallet yard, you will always have a middle man. If pallets I focus on pallet as a side hustle, the middle man will control the price. I may need a pallet, but the middle man is making it too expensive for me. Therefore I don’t get the materials I need.

Where to go if I need pallets?

If I’m looking for pallets close to me, I would search Google for ‘pallet yard near me‘. If that doesn’t work, I would search for ‘pallet recycler near me‘. There a good chance someone is recycling in the area versus someone running a pallet yard in any given area.

I try to learn from other whenever possible. I came across this video from Yak Motley. I appreciate his insight on running a pallet business.

What’s next?

Like I said before, when you think pallets, think stepping stones. Anyone can work hard enough to turn pallets into a business. Working with pallets can eventually turn into a passive stream. You just have to get creative.

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