Should You Use Free Instagram Services for Views?

Best Sites to Buy Free Instagram Views
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If you’re an artist, you’re likely leveraging Instagram to showcase your work. In 2021, Instagram has over 1 billion active users using the platform per month. Yes, that’s billions with a capital B. That’s a lot of eye balls. You think, I can post my work, people will see, buy stuff, and I will make tons of money. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way for many people. It’s very hard to get traction on any platform including Instagram. Do you ever feel like we are drowning in the ocean keep to compete with others for attention? Don’t feel bad you’re not alone and in good company.

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Free views for Instagram?

Free views for any platform sounds like a dream come true. I would think about what’s the motivation for the companies running these service. Why are they doing this? What problem are they trying to solve? You will get free views, but what is the real cost to you for this. Are you giving access to your contacts or allowing actions to happen on your behave? You should really determine not only what you get over of it, but again, what do they get out it?

Is it worth it?

If you’re using Instagram to gain a following, you want people looking at your work to really care about what they’re look it. It’s great to have random people looking at your work, but if they don’t care about it, they’re not going to engage with your work. Do you really want this?

Personally, I want someone to see my work, ask me questions, and start or join the discussion. I’m sharing something I’m passionate about, using a service like this just give you eye balls and nothing more.

How can using this service impact my business/side hustle?

In the short term, you may get views and either followers. More people can see your work because of the increase visibility. Images or videos with more views and likes show up more often in feeds and search results than ones with zero likes and views.

When it comes to the long term, I don’t think you can rely on this. These services are really sketchy. I would be very cautious. You should build you business or side hustle on a strong foundation. Services like these are the opposite of a strong foundation.

How can this impact my passive income?

After you post your work on Instagram, you’re creating a mini passive income stream. People can find your work days, months, or even years later. You just have to make sure your work on Instagram leads people to the correct destination. This isn’t too hard to do, but it does work if done properly.

Instagram view the service you use as a violation of their term of service. If this happen, you could get banned. If Instagram is a great channel where people find and buy your work, you have effectively killed this channel.

Would I use a free Instagram View service?

No. I don’t use Instagram as much as other platforms. However, I don’t want to do anything that may have my account deleted. I do like to look at other people work on Instagram. This can be very hard to do with a deleted account. Have you ever tried to visit a personal profile and scroll down without logging in? Yeah, that doesn’t work.

How passive can using services like this be?

If your Instagram account is a leadgen to your Patreon page or some other subscription service, using a service like this can increase your passive earnings.

By Eliot Pearson

I love to talk about side hustles and gigs, blockchain, and technology. Feel free to connect with me

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