22 Ways to Invest $25,000 (for 2022) — Passive Income M.D.

. One question I get asked quite a bit is, “What would you do if you had $___ to invest?” That number varies widely, but $25,000 is a number that is mentioned quite often, so I decided to go with that for this post. 3,285 more words

22 Ways to Invest $25,000 (for 2022) — Passive Income M.D.

This is a great post on how to invest $25,000. It’s worth a read in my opinion.

Best idea from the article

The first idea shared was to pay down your debt. This is a great idea. If you have $5,000 in credit card debt, but you have $10,000 sitting in a saving account, you’re losing money. The amount of dollars you’re paying in credit card interest is larger than the interest you’re getting from the bank.

The idea I would like to learn more about

I haven’t had a lot of experience with syndications. I have a friend that runs one and I’m curious as how it’s different than buying a house as a rental property straight up.

The idea I’ve tried in the past

It’s probably not a surprise that I’ve tried blogging in the past. I’m blogging right now as I write this post. I knew thought about investing $25,000 into a blog. Now my brain is filled with possibilities.

By Eliot Pearson

I love to talk about side hustles and gigs, blockchain, and technology. Feel free to connect with me https://beacons.ai/eliotpearson

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